Swarna bhasma is an ancient Indian Ayurvedic Medicine

Swarna bhasma is an ancient Indian Ayurvedic Medicine which is used for rejuvenation and restore vitality in old men from a long time to till now. It affects both body and mind effectively. It has amazing capabilities which make it extraordinary. Researchers from  all over world have attracted to this unique herb and it’s amazing qualities. Swarna Bhasma is made of gold ash.  Gold is burnt and prepared with some other substances so that concentration of gold ash is more than 90%. Researchers claim it to be made of nanoparticles of  gold which is present in oxide form. From ancient times it has been used to cure paralysis, asthma, tuberclosis,  type-2 diabetes, low sperm count, sperm immobility, brain tumor, cancer, infections and much more. It also has a property that it combines with other herbs and increase its power . It makes the drug more penetrable and act as catalyst when mixed with other herbs and increase its strength and speed of action.

Out of many curable property, anti-cancer phenomena is studied more and has wide variety of research. The medical science is helpless after some point and can’t help the patient, and  they see the property of Swarna Bhasma as a improvement in their treatment method. Swarna Bhasma is emerged as alternative treatment to the medicines that are already present in modern treatment method. Swarna Bhasma kill the cancer cells and heal the body. Due to its solubility and small size it easily reach the affected area and start its action. Its best result is found in rectal cancer patients with a success rate of more than 70%.   According to research it was observed that swarna bhasma improves  lungs  by 40%, gall bladder by 40% and liver by 37.5% and pancreas shows least response by 16% improvement.

laboratories have also studied recently about Gold Nanoparticles  and found some interesting property about them. With the help of near Infra Red light along with Gold silica Nanoshell has been used to kill tumor cells in Nanoshell Assisted Photo Thermal Therapy. Analgesic or pain reliever capability is also observed in Swarna Bhasma. With the help of light scattering phenomena of Gold  EGFR Conjugates it has been observed that it can detect cancer cells. It showed good result after using it in lymphocytic lukemania. Several study showed adequate result of Swarna Bhasma in various solid tumours.

Swarna bhasma is known to have no side effects if taken in small quantity. If you exceed the dose limit, you would feel restlessness extremely and you might also be admitted to hospital. According to research maximum dose is of maximum 30mg/day for an average adult and healthy male which is approximately equal to the dose limit illustrated in Ayurveda. You should take care of yourself while  using it and should take it under proper supervision.

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