Causes, Effects and Solutions of Air Pollution

There’s nothing refreshing like to open the windows and breathing cool, fresh and clean air – but how clean the air you are breathing is also necessary to be safe from polluted air. The harmful gases that you are breathing now can slowly kill you but clean oxygen can immensely assist you to achieving a good health. Most of you might aware that how much air pollution affecting your lives. opening-window-and-breathing-cool-and-fresh-air-for-air-pollutionPollution is now a common place term, about which we hear in our daily life. Air pollution is a huge problem that affects both cities and rural areas.
Air pollution is a mixture of contaminated solid particles and gases in the air. Smog hanging over the cities is the most familiar and obvious reason of air pollution. Air pollution occurs when harmful gases, dust and smoke enters into the atmosphere that make the air polluted and also make it difficult for the humans, plants and animals to breathe. Ozone layer is the protective layer that protects our earth from harmful rays of sun, but due to air pollution it depletes day by day.
Causes of air pollution.

Agriculture activities -:

agriculture activities for air pollutionMany agriculture activities lead to the production of ammonia gas which is one of the most hazardous gases in the atmosphere. Use of pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers are growing up but they can emit harmful chemicals into the air and cause water pollution.

Burning of fossils fuels -:

burning of fosslis fuel for air pollutionSulfur dioxide emitted from the combustion of fossils fuels like coal, petrol and other factory wastes, is one of the major cause of air pollution. Pollution emitting from cars, buses, trains, aero planes and other vehicles cause enormous amount of pollution. We are really depending on vehicles for our daily basic needs of transportation but overuse of vehicles is killing our environment. Carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide are very harmful gases that emitted by the overuse of vehicles.

Waste from factories and industries -:

Waste from factories and industries for air pollution Manufacturing factories and industries also pollute the air through the exhaust of waste materials and harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, organic compounds, chemicals and hydrocarbons into the air. Industries are found at every corner of the earth and affecting all parts of the earth.

Mining operations -:

Mining operations for air pollutionMining is a process in which natural minerals are extracted from the below of the earth by using large equipment. During this process many harmful gases, dust and chemicals are released in the air which cause air pollution. It also affects the health of workers and resident living nearby the mining.

Indoor air pollution -:

Indoor air pollution for air pollutionOnly outdoor pollution not affects our lives but the indoor pollution also makes the air contaminated. Household cleansing products and painting supplies emit toxics into the air which cause air pollution. You may also notice that when you paint the walls of your house, it creates a sort of smell which makes difficult to breathe.
There are many factors which cause air pollution. Do you ever think how can air pollution affects your health and can also ruin it? If no, then do not panic because we are going to tell you the harmful impacts of air pollution on your life.

Effects of air pollution

Respiratory and heart problems -:

Respiratory and heart problems in the effect of air pollutionThe effects of air pollution are alarming. It cause respiratory and heart problems like cancer, heart attack and many other life threating diseases. Thousands of people die because of air pollution per year. Children who live in the area exposed to the air pollutants are more likely at the risk of asthma and pneumonia.

Effects on Wildlife -:

Effects on Wildlife for air pollutionJust like humans, animals also affect by air pollution. Toxin and harmful gases present in the atmosphere force the wildlife to change their habitats and move to new place.

Global warming -:

Global warming for air pollutionGlobal warming is a direct result of increased imbalance of gases in the atmosphere and has come to be known as the biggest challenge for the world. Due to air pollution, the worldwide temperature increasing, water see level increasing due to melting of ice of North Pole, South Pole as well as Antarctica glaciers.

Acid rain -:

Harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide are released during the burning of fossils fuels. When it rain, water droplets contain these harmful pollutants which make the rain acidic and acid rain for air pollutionwhen it falls on the ground it can damage crops as well as animals and humans life.
As you have read air pollution has many harmful effects on our health, plants and wildlife, so there is need of solutions to decrease the effects of air pollution. You should try to use public mode of transportation to reduce air pollution. Try to switch off lights and fans while going outside because large number of fossils fuels burnt to produce electricity. You can save the environment by decreasing the amount of fossils fuels to be burned. You should also try to understand the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle. Use clean energy technologies like solar and wind plants. Air pollution is a biggest challenge for all the people and we need to overcome to see a better tomorrow.

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