If you are suffering from herpes and searching for foods that can cure it, this article will help you a lot. Being such a popular sexually transmitted disease still, a number of people are not aware of herpes. This is because herpes is a least talked about topic in our society. Awareness is the key to cure a disease effectively. That’s why we are going to give a brief description of herpes virus.

Do You Know?

herpesHerpes is one of the sexually transmitted diseases that have no perfect cure till the date. Herpes is a highly contagious that any sexually active person can easily get this virus from an infected partner. Once you get this virus, it will be with you throughout your life. The worst part of this virus is that it can cause painful blisters and cold sores on the mouth, lips and in genital parts of the body. The situation becomes more difficult if you have a weak immune system. If you have a weak immune system, you will be at the higher risk of getting this virus, also if you are already infected, it will cause frequent herpes outbreaks.

How To Manage Cold Sores or Herpes?

Well, if you have herpes, you do not need to lose hope. There are a number of treatment options which can manage your herpes symptoms effectively. The vital task is choosing the right treatment option. If you will ask your doctor, he will prescribe you antiviral herpes medications. Herpes InfectionThese medications will suppress the virus for some time and you will start thinking that yes, this is the good option. But when you use it regularly for a long time, it will make your immune system weak and will also give you serious side effects. So, it is not considered as the good option for the treatment of herpes symptoms.
Another best option for treating the herpes symptoms is natural treatment. Natural treatment is considered as the effective and safe treatment option which will not give you any adverse effects. You may know that during frequent herpes outbreaks or by taking antiviral herpes medications, your immune system becomes weak. You can reduce the frequent herpes outbreaks and other symptoms of herpes by making your immune system strong and this possible only when you eat a healthy diet. Do you know that some foods are known as the triggers for herpes outbreaks? So, choosing right diet is the vital part in curing herpes outbreaks.

Nuts for Treating Herpes Outbreaks

What comes to your mind when you think about nuts for curing herpes virus? Are nuts best foods for herpes or the triggers for herpes outbreaks? There are a lot of questions that can bother your mind.Nuts We are going to tell you the truth about nuts and herpes outbreaks. As you know that some foods can significantly reduce the herpes outbreaks whereas some foods are triggers for herpes outbreaks. You should avoid these types of foods to have the best chance of controlling herpes.
You should avoid the foods that are acidic or high in arginine. Acidic foods or those rich in arginine actually encourage the growth of herpes virus inside your body. These will result in more frequent herpes outbreaks. Acidic foods also weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to the conditions and infections like herpes. Do you know that nuts are high in arginine ingredients? Yes, it is true that nuts are high in arginine which promotes the growth and replication of herpes virus.

Benefits of Nuts for Herpes

Yes, this is true that nuts are the greatest source of fiber, protein and healthy fats. However, nuts low in lysine-to-arginine amino acid ratio encourage the growth of herpes virus. Dietary recommendations for herpes generally focus on the lysine and arginine ratio. nutsNuts have a high concentration of arginine that’s why it is recommended to avoid these types of foods in order to control herpes outbreaks. People having herpes needs to pay extra attention to what they are eating because some foods like nuts or peanuts are high in amino acid arginine.
Nuts contain both the amino acids- arginine and lysine amino acids. Lysine for herpes suppresses the virus whereas arginine encourages herpes outbreaks. Due to the high concentration of arginine and low in lysine amino acids, nuts are known as the triggers for herpes virus. So, if you love nuts and eat them regularly, you should stop their intake. If you want to manage the herpes outbreaks, you should avoid intake of nuts and start eating the foods that can reduce the herpes symptoms. You should eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and foods rich in lysine to kill the virus from inside.
Along with nuts, you should also avoid other triggers of herpes anxiety and stressoutbreaks such as stress, environmental toxins, chocolate, grains, meat and gelatin. So, if you think that by eating nuts you are making your body healthy, you are wrong. You are making your body more prone to the herpes outbreaks. You always need to remember that diet high in arginine and low in lysine can worsen your condition. This is because herpes virus needs arginine to multiply.
Choosing the right treatment option is the important task for managing herpes outbreaks. Your one wrong decision will affect your whole life. You should eat a healthy diet that will help in inhibiting the growth of the herpes virus and stop taking the foods that are the triggers for herpes virus. If you will able to successfully do this, you will make your life much easier with herpes. You will never experience any kind of herpes outbreaks and live your life happily.

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