Vertigo is nothing but a feeling or sense of rotation, rocking or the things around you seems to be spinning which is experienced when you are perfectly still. You might have experienced it in your childhood when you spin around for some time and then after stopping you feel a sense of rotation while you

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Foods you should avoid if you have gout

You will be surprised when you have a look at the fact that one in hundred adults is facing the problem of joint pain which is also known as ‘gout’. It has become a most common problem in all type of age groups and spreading its roots in our society which are affecting all of

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How to Diagnose Depression and Relevance of Self-Test

Depression is a type of mental condition where your brain gets affected by the persistent feeling of grief, sadness, and loss of interest. Today in this busy and hectic world it is very hard to maintain official and personal life together and this imbalance often causes this mental condition. It is a type of mental

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skin cancer prevention

Skin Cancer Prevention

What comes in your when you hear the word cancer. Isn’t it too scary to you? Yes it is and if you don’t then you need to be scared because it can easily take anybody’s life. In today’s scenario cancer has emerged as one of the major life-threatening illnesses for the human race. However, we

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herpes and gential herpes

Get the facts about herpes and Genital Herpes

Here in this you will get almost all the essential facts about herpes that can help you to better understand herpes infection. During reading this article you may find some fascinating facts that you might never heard before. So, get ready to explore the things that you need to know about. Herpes is an immensely

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causes effects and solution for air pollution

Causes, Effects and Solutions of Air Pollution

There’s nothing refreshing like to open the windows and breathing cool, fresh and clean air – but how clean the air you are breathing is also necessary to be safe from polluted air. The harmful gases that you are breathing now can slowly kill you but clean oxygen can immensely assist you to achieving a

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