Swarna bhasma is an ancient Indian Ayurvedic Medicine

Swarna bhasma is an ancient Indian Ayurvedic Medicine which is used for rejuvenation and restore vitality in old men from a long time to till now. It affects both body and mind effectively. It has amazing capabilities which make it extraordinary. Researchers from  all over world have attracted to this unique herb and it’s amazing

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benefits of abhrloha

Fight anemia and liver disorders with Abhraloha

Abhraloha is a wonderful Ayurvedic medicine that is used for the treatment of iron deficiency as well as liver related disorders. It also works like a supportive tonic for women. This medicine helps in dealing with general debility and also increases the formation of new tissues. This is a very effective medicine that helps in

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Abhragarbha Pottali for all respiratory tract infections

Do you know what the respiratory diseases are? The classification of respiratory problems actually a wide range of diseases which affects lungs and respiratory diseases. The two main and broad respiratory diseases are the upper and lower respiratory diseases. Upper respiratory problems include simple diseases like cold, cough and sinus. These are the conditions from

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Keep your body hydrated this summer with Sheetasudha

Dehydration- How to prevent it in summer? Well, summer seasons always seem to be very exciting as there are a number of fruits come in this season and this is the time for enjoying vacations. But what about the scorching sun and soaring temperatures? Both of these can cause dehydration problem. Dehydration is a very

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Basantmalti Ras can save your body from minor and major infections

If you are bearing pain or skin diseases which are caused by infections because you think that there is no cure for the same apart from medicines, I think you should read this article.  Yes, you should because there are many ways by which you can cure any type of infection whether it is the

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herpes on lips


If you are suffering from herpes and searching for foods that can cure it, this article will help you a lot. Being such a popular sexually transmitted disease still, a number of people are not aware of herpes. This is because herpes is a least talked about topic in our society. Awareness is the key

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Honey the sweetest natural treatment for diabetes

If you are suffering from diabetes, this article can help you to know about this disease.  Apart from this, by this article, you will get information about how you can maintain the levels of blood sugar. The main concern for a diabetic patient is to take care what he/she is eating. But if I say

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Ways to reduce stress with Epsom salt

Relaxation, we all need this and we all deserve it but, due to some reasons, we have to live to stress full life. See there is no one who is living life without taking any tension. Almost everyone has some or other problems but, you should know how to deal with your problems. Yeah, I

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